Tuesday, November 13, 2012

If we're all messy, then no one is.

I have a friend whose home I envy. I envy it in the capital "E," seven-deadly-sins way. Not because it's big and beautiful (it is), nor because the lawn is well-cared-for (it is), but because every time I visit it's clean, de-cluttered, and organized. Why yes, even when I dropped by unannounced.

It's the polar opposite of my own home. Mine is a house where a cluttered counter is cleared away in order to make room for even more clutter. Clutter bunnies, mating with other clutter bunnies, until I have a lot of clutter turds to clean up and the kids know more about the birds and the bees of clutter than seems appropriate.

My only comfort is knowing I'm not alone. Anna of My Life and Kids hosts the Messy House Edition on her blog. It's a place where those of us without a lifetime membership to The Container Store and a Swiffer in every room can go to feel normal.

Today it's a place where you can go to see my video tour of my filthy home. Come back and thank me when you're done feeling superior.


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