Monday, November 5, 2012

Snarkfest and We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Supercalifragilistic, it's expialidocious! It's time to ride the Character Assassination Carousel! If you're new to the Carousel here are the Cliffs Notes. Each month a participating assassin will roast a beloved children's book. Click on the pretty pony above and get full the scoop. Anyone 36" or taller who has a blog can ride this ride.

Today's assassin is:

Teri at Snarkfest

Teri speculates that the missing parent in this bear-baiting tale is drunk at the local watering hole. Either that or she's on the bear's payroll. Who doesn't love a hike through a blizzard on the way to certain death at the maw of a sleeping Grizzly? Teri and me, apparently. We don't like it.

Here's a teaser:

Pants-optional bear hunt. I guess they aren't worried about ticks, either. The ballsy bastards. 

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